Snajder-mont, specialists in residential and industrial electrical installations

Our electrical services

Snajder-mont specialises in all types of low and high voltage electrical services and operates in all environments, including refineries, chemical plants, the automotive industry, industrial halls, private homes, hotels, etc.


Snajder-mont has a dedicated team of qualified electricians, electrical fitters and service technicians. All our employees are professionals always aiming to provide a quality service. We guarantee the electrical work you called us for will be completed efficiently and to the highest standard. 

We operate in Germany, Austria and Croatia. We specialise in all types of electrical fitting and installation works, including cable routes, electrical equipment and enclosures, low and high voltage systems, household electrical wiring like connecting smoke alarms, electrical cabinets, video surveillance systems, etc.


Household electrical wiring

All types of electrical installations (residential, commercial and industrial).

Industrial installations

Electrical cabling and fitting services for refineries, chemical plants and the automotive industry.


We offer electrical repair and maintenance services for residential, commercial and industrial installations.

We are looking for:
Electrical installers,
Electrical fitters.

We offer:
Full-time employment
above-average pay,
professional education.

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Contact us


+385 91 761 5258
+49 1577 1098011

Skype: Snajder Mont


Šnajder-mont doo
Galdovačka 273
44000 Sisak

Working time:

08:00- 16:00 Week days
08:00- 12:00 Saturdays

Šnajder-mont doo, Galdovačka 273, 44000 Sisak, Commercial Court in Zagreb, reg. no. Tt-19/30231 of 6 September, 2019 under no. 1. Erste i Steiermarkische bank d.d. 51000 Rijeka, Jadranski trg 3A, IBAN: HR5424020061100941975 Founder and CEO Danijel Šnajder, HRK 20.000 fully paid-up share capital.